Sana’a: Coalition Has Two Options, Either Truce and Salaries, or Missiles and Drones

The Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, called on the Saudi coalition countries to stop their absurd aggressive war on Yemen, whose continuation will only bring destruction to it and the region, as a result of the seismic strikes of the Sana’a armed forces.

“The countries of Saudi coalition requested a truce and sought it in an attempt to steal the victories achieved by Yemeni people and their armed forces, as they stole and looted the wealth of our people, and we say to them from the Madghal Directorate of Marib province, that they have two options, either a truce and salaries or missiles and Drones”, the minister said.

During his visit, on Saturday, the Minister of Defense, along with the Commander of the Central Military Region, Commander of the Republican Guard and Special Forces, Major General Abdul-Khaleq Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, confirmed to the people stationed in the advanced military sites in Red Hill of Raghwan District, Wadi Mas, Hailan Junction, Al-Kasara and Nakhla District in the Madghal District of Marib province, that the oil wealth and resources Sovereignty is Yemeni wealth and resources, over which no one has sovereignty except for the Republic of Yemen, whose address is Sana’a.

Major General Al-Atifi explained that the countries of Saudi coalition worked during the truce to rearrange their situation, by purchasing various air defenses. He stressed that the enemy’s defenses would not protect it from the specific strikes of the Yemeni armed forces, and they would suffer painful strikes if they did not comply with the terms of extending the truce.

He added: “If the coalition continues to defy and besiege our people, we will make ballistic missiles and drones in the skies of their countries like locusts.”

Al-Atifi said, “We assure our people that what we make clear about what our armed forces have achieved is nothing but a little in order to preserve military secrecy, and we strive for great goals embodied by the leader of the revolution and implemented by the heroes of the armed forces on all fronts of confrontation, for the complete liberation of the entire Yemeni geography.”

He continued, “We have proven to the whole world that the defense establishment of the homeland, despite all the challenges of the aggressive war and the conspiracy of the enemies and their efforts to weaken and destroy it, but in record time and with minimal capabilities, it has become a majestic force that possesses high combat capabilities at all tactical, tactical and strategic levels, and in various types and formations of land, sea and air.” And it was able to rebuild, train and rehabilitate its members at a high level of military discipline and professionalism.

Major General Al-Atifi pointed out that the armed forces demonstrated, through majestic military displays, their high readiness, and the advanced level they have reached in specialized and ordinary military manufacturing, starting with the manufacture of light weapons and their ammunition, to missile systems and high-precision drones.

He added, “We address the Saudi coalition and its demonic alliance and the international community, which has been a false witness throughout the years of the aggressive war that ignores the suffering of our people and turns a blind eye to the brutality of the aggressors, invaders and their mercenaries against the Yemeni people without any positive attitude required by the so-called international legitimacy.

These messages:

– We call on the countries of the coalition to get out of this absurd war, as a result of the failures it has achieved in all fields, and to work to end the war that will not bring it back to it and the region except with destruction, and to avoid what the aggressors will reap in the future from failures and collapses due to the earthquake strikes from the heroes of the forces Yemeni armed forces.

– The Yemeni national wealth and the sovereign resources of gas, oil, minerals and fisheries are Yemeni wealth and resources. No one has sovereignty over them except for the Republic of Yemen, whose address is Sana’a, the capital of all Yemenis, and it is no longer acceptable to waste them, and everyone is absolutely certain that we will not allow them to be wasted, plundered, or stolen. behaving irresponsibly.

– The international community, the Security Council and the United Nations Organization have turned into a cover and contributed by silence and betrayal, in wasting Yemen’s sovereign wealth. This community and this system must not be a cover for this organized looting or trading in the capabilities of the Yemeni people.

– The warning strikes of the Yemeni oil looters won a national and popular consensus among the people of all Yemeni governorates, in the forefront are the people of the southern provinces whose blessing for our strikes was a popular referendum that the leadership in Sana’a is the title of national sovereignty and the source of national decision.

– We have been keen to lay the foundations for a real, equitable, just and honorable peace, but at the same time we are ready for the worst possibilities, and if the pressure on the countries of the coalition of aggression is great from the temporary “Zionist entity” to continue the war on Yemen, the pain will be greater for them from the Yemeni armed forces, we are preparing We are preparing our utmost capabilities to deal in full response to any challenges or emergency situations, so we have our hands on the trigger and the hands of our Yemeni expertise in missile power and drone flight on the launch button.

– We find ourselves concerned with giving advice after advice, and we advise the “enemy” not to continue testing our patience or maneuvering in the margins of our tolerance, otherwise we will be forced to assure them of the saying, “Beware of the approach of the Halim if he gets angry.”

On his behalf and on behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the Presidency of the General Staff and all members of the armed forces, the Minister of Defense expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Leader of the Revolution, who gives this defense institution all care and material and moral support.

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