Imminent return to war in Yemen … Washington succeeds in slowing Saudi Arabia’s steps towards peace

The United States has succeeded in slowing Saudi Arabia’s steps towards reaching a peace agreement with Sana’a after these negotiations created relative progress and a positive atmosphere.

Zakaria Al-Sharabi – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

According to a political source in Sana’a, despite talk of a new round of negotiations in Sana’a “northern Yemen”, Saudi Arabia succumbed to American pressure and reneged on the commitments it had made last month.

Washington brake Saudi steps by committing to Riyadh to support the continuation of the war and put forward a new vision for a solution in Yemen that requires linking the humanitarian file to a political breakthrough between the Yemeni parties, and distances Saudi Arabia from assuming any obligations or responsibilities as a result of the war it led with direct American support.

In parallel with this vision, Saudi Arabia has returned to presenting itself as a mediator, as Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al-Jaber said that Riyadh considers itself more than a mediator trying to facilitate an agreement between Houthis and the government in southern Yemen. He exaggerated his words and claimed that his country has a relationship with all Yemenis, including Houthis, and that it will use its influence to convince all Yemenis to sit down at the table.

Because Al Jaber understands that Saudi Arabia’s playing of this role is unacceptable, He blamed the Yemeni parties, saying they were “refusing to sit together” for the time being. Despite Rashad Al-Alimi’s announcement that Riyadh had selected him as Chairman of the Leadership Council in April of last year, but he does not have the luxury of choices or the decision to agree or reject Saudi Arabia’s submissions. Also, he called on Sana’a to accept Saudi mediation and approve its proposals.

The government of Sana’a considers it Naivety to exempt the coalition from the consequences of war by allowing Saudi Arabia to play the role of mediator. The leader of Ansar Allah, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, has previously announced in a public speech that “the role of those who have presented themselves since the beginning of the aggression as a leader of the war and as an executor of the offensive operations on our country cannot become a mere # mediator.”

Al-Houthi added, “We are not naive or stupid, and we cannot exempt the coalition of aggression from the commitments it is responsible for and that are legitimate entitlements for our people.

The American vision, which was previously declared by US envoy Tim Lenderking in a number of positions—the most recent of which was a statement to the Middle East newspaper—is the foundation of the new Saudi vision. According to Lenderking, the issue of paying salaries and other issues can only be resolved through Yemeni-Yemeni political dialogue.

Salary payment was a thorny issue not only for Saudi Arabia but also for the United States, The Intercept magazine said, referring to Lenderking’s statement that the Houthis’ demands for salary payments are impossible.

The magazine published leaked Pentagon documents revealing Washington’s concern about the Sana’a-Riyadh negotiations and noted that US diplomats rushed to Saudi Arabia to confirm American support for the continuation of the war.

In addition to that, the United States continued to incite Saudi Arabia to return to the war by raising its fears of Houthi attacks and what it claimed was “Iranian support.”

Tim Lenderking claimed in a statement to Reuters on Thursday that despite its agreement with Saudi Arabia, “Iran continues to arm the Houthis and prepare them to carry out attacks against the Kingdom.”

Since talking of bilateral negotiations between Sana’a and Riyadh in October last year, US forces have frequently claimed to have seized Iranian weapons on their way to the Houthis, a claim that Iran has denied. Observers consider such claims part of preventing any progress towards a political solution in Yemen that does not guarantee American interests.

It is clear that Washington fears losing its influence in Yemen and the region as a whole and has sent its top diplomats to Riyadh this week to discuss the negotiations file.

Farouk Al-Musalmi, a researcher at Chatham House who recently participated in meetings with officials from the Saudi and Gulf Cooperation Council and who has connections with several US foreign officials, said that recent developments during Ramadan can be interpreted as evidence that the United States and the United Kingdom are losing their influence in Yemen.

Al-Musalmi noted that “the Americans were informed one day in advance,” while the British were not informed at all.

In 2019, the former US ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, said that the war in Yemen cannot end without a government in Sana’a working with the United States and achieving its interests in the region.

The United States has failed to achieve this military objective and is currently working to support factions loyal to it with separatist motives.

According to a leaked document from the US Department of Justice, a contract was signed with the American advertising company “Hyperfocal Communications” for a pressure campaign in favor of the Southern Transitional Council in the American Political Community, with the aim of supporting the Transitional Council’s direction towards secession.

The company’s director, Time Phillips, said in an interview that adopting the Transitional Council’s campaign is in order to be friendly to the United States, as any peace negotiations that lead to the creation of a unified central government to govern the country while keeping the Houthis in a dominant position would be against the interests of the United States.

In a final warning to the coalition, as the coalition and American peace-rejecting movements continue to procrastinate, Sana’a confirms its rejection of a state of non-war and non-peace. It also rejects Saudi Arabia’s explanation of American pressure and affirms its determination to make choices that compel each other to achieve a just peace.

On Thursday, the defense minister in the Sana’a government in “northern Yemen”, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, affirmed that “unless the Yemeni people regain their stolen rights through a political solution, they will be achieved in other ways that are commensurate with the enemy’s arrogance, falsehood, procrastination, and delay.”

During his meeting with UN envoy Hans Grundberg, the head of the Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, stated that the US and UK, which obstruct peace in Yemen, will not be far from escalation if the war resumes.

During an expanded meeting that included leaders and officers of the naval and coastal defense forces in Sana’a, Al-Atifi said that if the war returns, it will not remain in Yemen but will move to the depths of the coalition countries, pointing out that the coalition is still stalling and lying to the Yemeni people.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense in Sanaa, Major General Muhammad Al-Atifi, affirmed on Thursday that “unless the Yemeni people regain their stolen rights through a political solution, they will be achieved in other ways that are commensurate with the enemy’s arrogance, falsehood, procrastination, and delay.”

He pointed out during an expanded meeting that included leaders and officers of the naval and coastal defense forces in Sana’a, Al-Atifi said that if the war returns, it will not remain in Yemen but will move to the depths of the coalition countries, pointing out that the coalition is still stalling and lying to the Yemeni people.

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