Human Rights Minister: The Aggression Coalition’s Bombing resulted in the martyrdom of 8,000 children

Sana’a – Saba:

Human Rights Minister Ali Al-Dailami has renewed his condemnation of the heinous crime committed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition targeting children in Dahyan district in Sa’ada province five years ago, which resulted in the martyrdom of 51 children and the injury of 76 others.

The minister emphasized that this crime is still etched in the Yemeni memory, serving as evidence of the hypocrisy of those who claim to defend human rights, in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the brutal massacre committed by the coalition against Dahyan’s students.

He said, “On this tragic anniversary, we remind the world that no action has been taken against the child killers, despite the fact that the aggression states have acknowledged the crime and that it has been documented by UN-affiliated organizations and international bodies. Furthermore, the murderers have been acquitted by repeatedly removing them from the list of shame.”

Al-Dailami emphasized that the perpetrators of this crime continue to commit further war crimes against Yemeni children, noting that more than 8,000 children have been martyred and suffered serious injuries as a result of direct bombardment.

He mentioned that the direct and indirect killing of Yemen’s children is still continuing, whether as a result of mines, cluster bombs, and remnants of weapons belonging to the aggression coalition or due to the continuation of the blockade.

The international humanitarian system’s lack of justice and the deterioration of humanitarian values were both strongly regretted by the minister for human rights.

He criticized the UN’s misrepresentation in whitewashing the image of the aggression coalition while claiming to take measures to protect children in Yemen without any tangible impact on the ground. For the international stance, which prefers to close deals at the expense of the blood of Yemeni children, this is a scandal.

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