Sana’a: The truce pertains to Gaza only, and we continue our operations against the entity

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Sana’a Government for Defense and Security Affairs, Major General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan,, stated on Saturday that military operations against the Zionist entity, including the closure of the Red Sea to “Israeli” ships, are ongoing. At the same time, he pointed out that the truce, which started yesterday in Gaza, only applies to Hamas and the entity.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Major General Al-Ruwaishan emphasized that Yemen’s position has been officially and popularly declared without diplomatic language, stressing that “Yemen’s support for Palestine is a national duty.”

The Deputy Prime Minister of Sana’a for Defense and Security Affairs reaffirmed Sana’a’s readiness “for any consequences and any aggression that will not exceed the American Israeli aggression supported by Arab hands, which we have been facing for nine years,” referring to the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s war on Yemen.

Earlier today, media outlets reported that Sana’a intercepted an Israeli ship coming from the Gulf of Aden, while American media revealed the targeting of another Israeli ship in the Indian Ocean. Simultaneously, the spokesman for Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, posted a message with a single word, “ZIM,” referring to a major Israeli shipping company. It is not yet known whether it was a warning message or if control has been taken over the ship.

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