Saudi Arabia – UAE… Alliance of Thieves to Steal Yemeni wealth

By the end of 2021, the coalition looted: 189 million and 170 thousand and 730 barrels of Yemeni crude oil, with a value of up to 13 billion and 25 million and 761 thousand and 831 dollars.

Althawrah / Exclusive-Investigation

With the rise of oil prices in the world markets due to the Ukrainian-Russian war, and the increasing demand for crude oil, UAE-Saudi aggression coalition has doubled the operations of pumping Yemeni crude oil, which it loots from Hadhramaut and Shabwah provinces, according to the figures, 120,000 barrels of Yemeni oil are looted by the aggression countries daily. This is the largest number since UAE and Saudi Arabia took control of Shabwah and Hadhramaut.

While Yemenis are suffering from suffocating crises as a result of the siege and what it causes is the high prices that doubled due to the global crisis, their oil wealth goes to the ports of Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Its revenues go to the accounts of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia without Yemenis benefiting from a single dollar of those revenues, which amount to billions of dollars.

Recently, it was announced that the agencies affiliated with the aggression and its mercenaries were able to connect Jannah sector (5) with sector (4), Ayyad Shabwah, with an oil pipeline of 82 km length,

which the aggression countries have recently started to use, as an alternative to Safer-Ras Issa pipeline, which has been crippled and suspended since 2015 by the coalition of aggression, which stopped and disabled the floating tank #SAFER FSO.

According to “Althawrah” information, the crude oil transport pipeline, which was established according to a report issued by the Ministry of Oil of the mercenaries, is used to connect Sector 5 of Jannah, Sector 4, west of Ayyad Shabwah, to export crude oil for the productive sectors 5, 18 and S1 through Al-Nashimah oil port, in order to export 25,000 barrels per day from Sector 5 – Jannah, and in order to facilitate the export of Marib sector 18 oil at a rate of 20 thousand barrels per day, to facilitate the export of crude oil from sector S1 by about 12,000 barrels per day, as well as restarting oil production facilities, re-production of crude oil from all productive fields in the provinces of Shabwah and Marib.

The pipeline is connected to the facilities of sector (4) Ayyad, which pumps additional oil quantities of up to (57,000 barrels of oil per day, subject to increase), through the dilapidated “Ayad-Al-Nashimah” tube, which was built by the Soviet Union in the year 1987.

The countries of aggression are currently using this dilapidated pipeline to pump 600,000 barrels per month from the Okla S2 . Fields Malik (9) (Al-Ruwaidat – Al-Khusha’a), and it causes environmental disasters in the districts of Al-Rawda, Rudhum and Mayfa’a Azzan. Media outlets have published pictures and scenes of the environmental impacts there.

The countries of coalition of aggression resorted to escalate the looting of oil wealth of Yemeni crude oil, by increasing pumping by more than 300%, information confirms that the daily production has currently reached more than 120,000 barrels of crude oil, subject to increase, and its revenues will reach about 15 million dollars per day, and 450 million dollars per month.

The countries of aggression coalition resorted to escalate the looting of the oil wealth of Yemeni crude oil, by increasing pumping by more than 300%, information confirms that the daily production has currently reached more than 120,000 barrels of crude oil, subject to increase, and its revenues will reach about 15 million dollars per day, and 450 million dollars per month.

The looted oil revenues do not go to any Yemeni bank, as the proceeds are transferred to an account in the Saudi National Bank supervised by the Saudi Ambassador, Muhammad Al Jaber, through a committee formed under his chairmanship and  supervision, in which a group of mercenaries receive 20% of the proceeds, distributed among them, most notably Maeen Abdul Malik and Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar.

An informed source says, if these proceeds were deposited in Yemeni banks, the price of the dollar would have fallen to three hundred riyals it was possible to pay monthly salaries to employees in all provinces all of this will positively affect the lives of Yemenis, instead, Saudi Arabia and UAE are looting crude oil, throwing crumbs at the mercenaries, it puts Yemenis, including those in the oil provinces, to their deteriorating fate, they suffer from the lack of fuel and its high prices, the interruption of salaries, and the high prices.

If these amounts were deposited in Yemeni banks, observers say the exchange rate will improve regular payment of salaries will be guaranteed, it will facilitate the movement of imports and facilitate the supply of basic foodstuffs to the downtrodden citizens, but the oil revenues and wealth are looted by the countries of aggression openly.

$500 million in June

The newspaper “Al-Thawrah” researched and investigated the amount of wealth plundered by the countries of aggression, the looted quantities during the month of July alone amounted to about three million and 400 thousand barrels of crude oil, revenues, according to global energy prices, amounted to about $500 million in just one month.

Three ships arrived from the ports of Al-Nashimah and Radhum in Shabwah and Ash-Shihr in Hadhramaut, three million and 400 thousand barrels of crude oil were looted. The tracking site for the movement of ships showed the loads and routes of the ships that arrived and looted the mentioned quantities of Yemeni crude oil.

The tanker Isabella Al-Nashimah port has one million barrels of oil at a value of 114 million dollars

The tanker Gulf Aetos Port of Radhum 400,000 barrels at $43 million

The Apolitaris ship, Nashimah Port, two million barrels, at $250 million.

On June 29, the tanker ISABELLA departed from the Saudi port of Ras Tanurah to the port of Al-Nashimah in Shabwah, and then it returned to Ras Tanurah, loaded with one million barrels of Yemeni crude oil.

According to the global oil price, the value of looted oil on board the ISABELLA ship reaches 114 million dollars.

On June 26, the ship “Golf Aetos” left Radhum port in Shabwah province. After it shipped more than 400,000 barrels of Yemeni crude oil, according to the ship-tracking website, the ship headed to Emirati port of Fujairah, from which it came.

The value of looted oil on board the Gulf ship estimated at 43 million and 640,000 dollars, according to the price of oil on the international stock exchange.

On June 11, a giant ship left the port of Ash-Shihr in Hadhramaut, loaded with more than two million barrels of crude oil, headed towards an Emirati port and then left for China, after selling the freight from a Chinese company. The value of the shipment estimated at about $270 million. According to the price of oil on the international stock exchange.

The total looted oil during the month of June reached three million and 400 thousand barrels, his total value is estimated at around $470 million.

Yemeni Oil Exports Figures

It is not possible to determine the real numbers of the looted Yemeni crude oil that is being shared between Saudi Arabia and UAE. The real figures for the volume of exports of Yemeni crude oil and its revenues are highly misleading. The mercenaries make contradictory and misleading statements from time to time about oil, its export and revenues, while the successive thefts of giant cargo ships arriving at the oil export ports in Hadramout and Shabwah reveal what the mercenaries are trying to hide.

With the export of Yemeni crude oil out of Yemen, however, the crisis of oil derivatives inside Yemen did not stop, although Yemeni ports receive shipments of commercial oil derivatives, including the port of Hodeida, the power stations in the mercenary-controlled areas received oil derivatives grants from Saudi Arabia.

In this report, the set-up team investigated and researched Yemeni crude oil exports and revenues, from 2016 to 2021, the team did not hesitate to track the data of ships that arrived at the export ports and exited loaded with oil from the ports of Yemen during the year 2021, via the open source tools of Marine Traffic, specialized in tracking and monitoring data, tracks and diversions of ships worldwide, the International Center for Journalists ranks it as a reliable source and recommends for investigative journalists.

The fact-finding team found in this report, the volume of crude oil exports during the period from 2016-2021, amounted to about 189 million and 170 thousand and 730 barrels, while the value of its revenues amounted to approximately 13 billion and 25 million and 761 thousand and 831 dollars, contrary to what the mercenary government shows and what it announces about the numbers.

All information in this report is derived from field research methodology, based on interviews with government sources in the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the Ministry of Finance, employees of Yemeni crude oil export ports, and experts, in addition to a package of official documents and reports, Technical tools were also used, including the Marine Traffic website, which specializes in tracking and monitoring ship data, routes and cargo.

The Blackout Process Continues

The process of obscuring the actual numbers of Yemeni crude oil exports is not new, during the rule of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Parliament Speaker Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar told Al-Wasat newspaper on November 15, 2005, we do not know anything about the volume of oil the extracted or sold, neither I, as Speaker of parliament, nor the council and its members any demands to disclose real data provoke angry and negative reactions and are not responded to, After about 18 years, nothing has changed, as the former director of the revenue sector at the Ministry of Finance of the mercenary government, Abdul Raqib Muhammad, confirmed to the preparing team of this report that he knows nothing about the revenue sector. He did not receive any data on the volume of actual exports of crude oil, nor the amount of its revenues, except for data that is allowed to be announced, actual figures expose misleading statements.

The mercenary government does not mention through the website of Oil ministry or its website or the Ministry of Finance the volume of crude oil exports and revenues, all you will find on Google search engine of contradictory and misleading information and numbers, including statements issued by senior officials in their government.

In December 2020, the Prime Minister of the mercenary government, Maeen Abdul Malik, told Al Arabiya: our oil exports do not exceed 70,000 barrels per day, and in another interview with the Saudi Al Sharq Channel in February 2022 AD, he said that what is exported from oil per day amounts to between 50 and 60 thousand barrels. He added, “We plan to exceed 100,000 barrels.”

In addition to Maeen Abdul Malik’s statements, there are statements by the former Oil Minister; Aws bin Abdulaziz Al-Awd, to Reuters, in the middle of the year 2020. He said that Yemen aims to increase crude oil production by 25% to 75,000 barrels per day in the coming months.

When checking the statements of Maeen Abdul-Malik and the Minister of Oil about the export of oil, we find that they contain misleading information, as in mid-2020 AD, it had reached 95 thousand barrels per day, according to what confirms. A report issued by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, issued in the year 2021 AD, and contains the volume of Arab countries’ exports of crude oil.

The OPEC report stated that Yemen’s exports during 2016 amounted to 8.64 million barrels, at a rate of 24 thousand barrels per day. While the volume of exports increased in 2017, according to the report, to 25 million and 560 thousand barrels, at a rate of 71 thousand barrels per day. During the year 2018, the volume of exports reached 33 million and 480 thousand barrels, or 94 thousand barrels per day. The volume of exports stopped at a fixed number in 2019 and 2020, reaching 102 million and 600 thousand barrels, at a rate of 95 thousand barrels per day.

While the volume of Yemen’s exports of crude oil a year before the statements of Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik to Al Sharq Channel in February 2022 AD, had reached 116,000 barrels per day, according to the data obtained by the preparation team, by tracking the course and tonnage of ships that arrived at the crude oil export ports in Yemen during the year 2021 AD.

Ship Tracking

The team preparing this report, through open source tools through the Marine Traffic website, monitored 37 cruises of eight ships of crude oil tankers that entered Yemeni oil export ports, and exited loaded with crude oil during the year 2021 AD, the voyages of these ships were from the port of Bir-Ali in Shabwah governorate, and the port of Ash-Shahr in Hadhramaut governorate and it left for a number of ports in UAE, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Egypt.

  • The ship “SAPPHIRE SUPER” carries flag of Bahamas and transported oil from the port of Bir Ali to the port of Khorfakkan Port in UAE twice.
  • The ship “PANTANASSA”, carrying the flag of Malta, transported crude oil from Port Ash Shihr to Port of Fujairah six times.
  • The ship “KARTERIA MINERVA”, carrying the flag of Greece, transported oil from Bir Ali port to Singapore six times.
  • The ship “APOLYTARES”, carrying the flag of Greece, transported oil from Port Ash Shihr to China four times and to Singapore four times.
  • The ship “ANDROMEDA”, carrying the flag of Malta, in two trips transported crude oil from the port of Ash Shihr to Malaysia.
  • The ship “SEASCOUT,” carrying the flag of Malta, was transported on six trips of crude oil from the port of Bir Ali to the port of Fujairah in UAE, and on two trips to Egypt.
  • The ship “SEATRUST” is sailing under the flag of Malta, on seven cruises, it transported crude oil from Bir Ali to the port of Jebel Dhanna (Mughraq port) in Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

In addition, the fact-finding team monitored five oil tankers, the first bearing Marshall flag.The second bears the flag of Bahamas. The third bears the flag of Malta. The fourth and fifth bear the flag of Panama. These ships entered the port of Bir Ali in Hadramout nine times during the period from January to December of the year 2021 AD.

It transported about one million 816 thousand and 558 tons. The equivalent of ten million and 899 thousand and 348 barrels, the team was not able to know the ports of arrival because of the tracking radars closure, after leaving Yemeni ports, and by tracking the tonnage of ships that transported crude oil from Yemeni ports, it is clear that Yemen’s exports of crude oil during 2021 reached 52 million and 730 thousand and 730 barrels, that is, an average production of 116,000 barrels per day. Crude oil exports from Yemen to UAE, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Egypt during 2021, amounting to 13 billion dollars.

According to the export figures contained in OPEC report, in addition to the results we have reached through the Marine Traffic website, which is specialized in monitoring maritime traffic, the revenues from oil exports amounted to 13 billion and 25 million and 761 thousand and 831 dollars, during the period from 2016 AD to 2021 AD, this number exceeds what is announced by the mercenaries through the so-called Ministry of Finance and the Bank in their report issued in September 2021 AD, which included figures for revenues and expenses, where the bank report stated that the financial resources of oil in 2019 amounted to 354 billion Yemeni riyals, equivalent to 345 million dollars.

According to the report, these revenues decreased during 2020, to 330 billion riyals, equivalent to 330 million dollars. The bank’s report detailed expectations regarding the revenue figure, where it indicated that oil revenues during 2021 will reach 888 billion riyals; equivalent to $888 million, however, these data are misleading, because Yemen’s exports of crude oil during the year 2021 AD, according to the monitoring data of oil tanker ships and their movement between Yemeni ports and the ports of Emirates, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Egypt, amounted to 52 million and 730 thousand and 730 barrels, the average price of a barrel is $71, this means that oil revenues during the year 2021 AD amounted to about three billion and 743 million and 830 dollars.

Who controls oil and where does its revenue go?

A high-ranking source working in the Yemeni Oil Ministry, whose identity is preserved, warned that he would be exposed to risks, said, the one who sells Yemeni oil is not the Ministry of Oil, “affiliated with the mercenaries.” The committee works under the supervision of the Saudi ambassador, Mohammed Al Jaber, where it supplies 80% of the oil financial revenues to a bank account in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, 20% of it is allocated to the mercenary government.

Maeen Abdul Malik had said in an interview with Al Sharq Saudi Channel in February 2022 AD, A special committee linked to the mercenary Maeen Abdul-Malik, appointed to the position of Prime Minister, is exclusively responsible for exporting oil tenders through transparent tenders, but returning to the website of Yemeni oil and Minerals Ministry, we did not find anything of what he said..

Abdul Raqib Muhammad, former director of Revenue Sector Department at the Ministry of Finance, revealed that the revenue sector does not receive any data on the volume of actual exports of crude oil, nor the amount of its revenues, except for the data that is allowed to be announced. “The ports and oil export centers are prohibited from entering or approaching them, even for the Central Organization for Control and Accountability,” he said. In addition, the revenue sector in the ministry does not know anything about the policy used in calculating oil export prices. Bin Mohammed stressed that “the real oil data is known only to specific officials in the authority, it passes through a narrow channel that includes oil companies and export ports its tip reaches the top of power pyramid.”

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