Three Thousand Days of Aggression, Conspiracy, Occupation, and Plundering of Wealth

Al-Thawrah / Exclusive Report

Since the first day of the heinous, savage, and hysterical aggression on people of faith and wisdom on March 26, 2015, by a vast regional and international alliance with the intention of destroying Yemen and its economic infrastructure, occupying and plundering its oil, gas, marine, and archaeological resources, and destroying its army and military capabilities, the facts have become clear, and the goals and conspiracies have been exposed. The goal is not, as the alliance of evil and terrorism claims, to restore the fake legitimacy of “Al-Danbo’a”, but rather, under these false pretexts, they seek to throw dust in the eyes.

False justifications and flimsy pretexts:
After 3,000 days of this criminal aggression, it becomes more and more apparent to everyone with a mind that the goals of the American, British, Saudi, and Emirati Zionist aggression on Yemen are not to restore the so-called fake legitimacy, and all the false justifications and flimsy pretexts that the aggression has been promoting through its media machines have been exposed in an attempt to deceive Yemenis and fake their awareness. All of these pretexts and headlines have fallen, and the staggering numbers, terrible data, and terrifying statistics of massacres, slaughters, and genocide committed by the aggression coalition against the women and children of Yemen have been exposed.

A savage and hysterical war:
A savage and hysterical war, unmatched in brutality and criminality in the history of wars, was waged in Yemen during the 3,000 days of American, British, Saudi, and Emirati Zionist aggression. The aggression coalition committed horrific crimes against Yemeni children, women, and civilians by mobilizing a global arsenal from more than 18 nations and using all varieties of cluster, phosphorous, germ, chemical, and biological bombs. They have destroyed hundreds of facilities, including bridges, roads, power plants, water pumps, hospitals, schools, universities, mosques, markets, and mourning councils, while also targeting stones, trees, people, and all the components of life in Yemen with over half a million airstrikes and shells fired by their aircraft, launchers, guns, and battleships under the pretext of regaining legitimacy.

Sinister Objectives and Conspiracies:
Since the first day of the heinous aggression, the criminal coalition has worked to carry out plots and accomplish nefarious goals in an effort to subjugate the Yemeni people, deprive them of their sovereignty, independence, and ability to make their own decisions, and make them weak and dependent on outside control and guardianship. After failing to pass Yemen through its internal mercenaries, impose a project of forcibly splitting Yemen. In addition to plundering Yemen’s natural resources—oil, gas, marine, and archaeological—and capturing its islands, ports, and waterways, which Yemen enjoys because of its vital and strategic location.

In addition to seizing islands and ports and gaining control over oil and gas reserves, the aggression also had as its targets the Yemeni people’s identity, honor, values, morals, and ideals. On social media, hundreds of Yemeni activists posted images of American soldiers taking provocative photos with Yemeni women as they were standing next to them in the Hadramout city of Al-Shahr. The American authorities are attempting to ascertain Yemeni public sentiment through this action. The American side may assess how much society is accepting of its forces’ presence and whether it can move forward while the arena is being set up for them by observing how the public reacts.

Disastrous Statistics:
In the midst of the UN’s total silence and its inhumane organizations complicity and blatant bias with war criminals and killers of children, women, and civilians Today we come to the end of 3,000 days of aggression on Yemen with catastrophic statistics, terrifying numbers, genocide, and serious and ongoing human rights violations. According to data provided by the Eye of Humanity Center, the war on Yemen resulted in 48,841 civilian deaths and injuries over the course of 3000 days, meaning that 18,206 citizens—including 4,096 children and 2,461 women—were martyred.

The human rights report also revealed that more than 607,000 dwellings had been damaged and destroyed as a result of aggression, while 1,750 mosques and 1,272 schools had been harmed. It went on to say that the aggression targeted 1,500 educational, recreational, medical, sporting, and archaeological facilities in addition to 15 airports, 16 seaports, 2,112 government buildings, 619 communication hubs, 349 power plants, and thousands of roads and bridges. 411 factories, 707 markets, 429 gas stations, 392 gasoline tankers, and 485 fishing boats were also destroyed or damaged as a result of the aggression, which also hit 12,335 commercial buildings, 1,066 food trucks, 1,032 food stores, 10,445 vehicles, and 470 poultry and cattle farms.

After attempting to conceal themselves behind hired mercenaries and a massive media apparatus that kept giving false headlines and baseless lies that have vanished into oblivion in front of the awareness and immunity of the Yemeni people, the 3,000 days of aggression and siege have revealed many evidence and facts, exposed conspiracies, and uncovered the real attackers and their objectives of the brutal aggression. The numerous pieces of evidence and facts that have been clearly revealed have completely disproved the claims of the violent criminal aggressors, murderers, and mercenaries. “And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.”

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