The ongoing siege is causing severe hardship for more than 169,000 people who have chronic illnesses

The American policy of killing through starvation and terror during 3000 days of comprehensive economic blockade

Yemenis have been subjected to the worst forms of economic warfare, including land, sea, and air blockades that violate international and humanitarian laws and customs, during the 3000 days of aggression and comprehensive economic blockade that began in March 2015, according to reports from the United Nations and international organizations. These reports confirm that Yemen is facing the most severe humanitarian crisis in history, with millions of Yemenis, including children, women, and civilians, suffering from food and medicine shortages due to further trade restrictions on food and relief imports imposed by the forces of aggression. Meanwhile, due to their inability to receive treatment abroad, thousands of patients are dying. Additionally, more than 1.2 million employees’ salaries have been halted. The forces of aggression continue to evade and delay paying salaries from the stolen and wasted wealth of Yemen by them and their mercenaries, and this has made the humanitarian suffering of the Yemeni people worse.
Al-Thawrah / Reports – Ahmed Al-Malki

UN reports confirm that the ongoing siege is causing severe hardship for more than 169,000 people who have chronic illnesses, which has caused a shortage and scarcity of life-saving medication due to the ban on its entry and the closure of land and seaports, as well as not allowing them to enter through the airport.

Millions of Yemeni children are in danger of starvation, according to repeated warnings from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

According to the UN, food rations for more than eight million people in northern Yemen were cut in half over the 3000 days of war and harsh blockade. In order to treat cholera and other infectious diseases, 275 additional specialized health centers also had their health services limited or reduced by humanitarian organizations and were forced to suspend reproductive health services in 140 facilities. Due to the ongoing restrictions on Yemeni airports, thousands of people with serious and chronic illnesses are dying or have already passed away as a result of their inability to receive medical treatment abroad.

Famine risk:
Half of Yemen’s population (about 14 million people) is in grave danger of famine, according to Mark Lowcock’s warnings, the UN’s humanitarian affairs chief.

The UN has also reissued its warning over the humanitarian situation in Yemen, where UNICEF said that due to the war and blockade, one Yemeni child dies every ten minutes and that millions of children are at an increased risk of malnutrition.

Since the aggression’s beginning, “more than half a million civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed directly or indirectly,” according to relief organizations, which also urged increased pressure on the countries of the aggression alliance to end the war and lift the blockade.

Many international and relief organizations have issued reports warning of the consequences of the simultaneous economic siege and military war, stating that “the country is facing the worst humanitarian crisis ever in modern history.” According to those interested in the Yemeni issue, the effects of the aggression and siege on Yemen are still ongoing after 3000 days of war and siege imposed on the Yemeni people since March 26, 2015.

Similar warnings have been made about the situation in Yemen by a number of humanitarian organizations, stating that the restrictions imposed by the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition and their continued imposition for the ninth consecutive year have led to very serious humanitarian consequences.

The majority of Yemenis are currently enduring appalling humanitarian situations. The transfer of the Central Bank of Yemen’s tasks to Aden in 2016 resulted in the suspension of salaries for more than 1.2 million public employees for more than five years. Additionally, the coalition forces and their mercenaries have continued to delay paying these salaries, further exacerbating the situation. Without the Yemenis reaping any benefit, the coalition forces and their mercenaries continue to steal and redirect Yemen’s oil and gas riches to the Saudi National Bank and the pockets of the mercenaries, who were a vehicle for America’s criminal projects.

The organizations have also emphasized that Yemen went eight years without food, medicine, or fuel due to economic limitations that prevented and delayed their entry, which is a war crime and the cause of the worst humanitarian crisis in history.

Economic reports estimate that the purposeful targeting of Yemen’s infrastructure for more than eight years of aggression and a comprehensive blockade has resulted in losses of at least $5 billion.

Strange Paradox:
In a strange and bizarre paradox, the international community continues to be shamefully silent about the coalition’s continued piracy of fuel, food, and medicine ships, which has caused a severe crisis that has resulted in complete paralysis in several hospitals, water and electricity service interruptions, the suspension of goods transportation, skyrocketing prices for basic food items, and a lack of medicines for chronic and critical conditions.

Its reports reveal that the continuous blockade against Yemen poses a major threat to the lives of millions of Yemenis, particularly those who are suffering from famine, and also puts the lives of thousands of patients in danger.

American methodology:
Undoubtedly, the US is using a strategy of starvation and blockade in its war and siege against Yemen, and this will only worsen the humanitarian crisis and poverty facing the Yemeni people. The fact that America, having failed militarily, resorted to this policy—which is regarded as a criminal tactic that violates all humanitarian norms and laws—reflects only the moral and political decadence to which it and its allies have come.

War Crime:
According to Yemen’s Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, “the unjustified restrictions on the flow of goods, medicines, and fuel to Yemen and the obstacle to their entry into the port of Hudaydah despite approval by the UN constitute a fully-fledged war crime against a people suffering from an oppressive aggression and siege for eight years.”

Additionally, the council said that “the coalition of aggression is entirely to blame for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, which threatens the lives of millions of Yemenis as a result of the tightening of the siege and the catastrophic effects on the health and service sectors.” The statement urged “all Yemeni organizations to discharge their duties, condemn the siege, and work to lift it and save the lives of millions of Yemenis.”

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