The family of an abducted person in Marib prison: The Islah Party Deprives Abductees of Treatment and Punishes Those Who Demand It

The family of one of the abductees in the Marib prisons revealed the coalition factions practiced against him “various types of psychological and physical torture” after he was abducted in early May 2021 while he was traveling to buy a car.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to the Ministry of Human Rights in the Sana’a government, they received a report from the family of the kidnapped man, Yasin Mohammed Mohammed Al-Moutawakel, stating that their son “contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, and his health deteriorated due to torture, neglect, and malnutrition, and he was prevented from visits and bringing food and medicine to him.”

The family confirmed that Yasin and hundreds of other abductees are being held captive by Islah Party forces in Marib, and they have refused to release them. They also noted that the Political Security Prison’s administration “punishes those who demand treatment by restraining them with chains and depriving them of exposure to sunlight, which caused the spread of skin diseases among them.”

The Ministry of Human Rights stated that “hundreds of those held in the Political Security Prison were abducted from roads, the majority of whom are academics, journalists, students, expatriates, and those traveling for work or treatment, and they suffer from bad health and psychological conditions as a result of torture.”

According to the Saba News Agency, which broadcasts from Sana’a, the ministry called for the Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator and the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit the Political Security Prison in Marib, meet with the kidnapped individuals, and work towards their release.

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