A military analyst warns of potential military escalation with the coalition

A military expert in Sana’a, northern Yemen, has issued a warning that “the negative indicators outweigh the positive ones regarding the peace process in Yemen, which is experiencing a phase of neither peace nor war.”

Follow-up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Yemeni military analyst Khaled Ghurab, the coalition continues to procrastinate and has not implemented the agreements reached in the past months. He elaborated that the military option is what will break the deadlock in the political negotiations.

In press comments, “Ghurab” stated, “In the absence of peace and war, we have gone towards a phase when Sana’a is signaling the military side, as there have been nearly maneuvers in all military zones, including a missile strike on one of the islands. The fact that the Yemeni army successfully conducted strikes that confused coalition forces in the Red Sea and the Bab Al-Mandeb indicates that we are ready to switch to the military side. These are all messages to the coalition.

Regarding the presence of positive indicators for comprehensive peace, he added, “We believe that the negative indicators outweigh the positive ones, and the military option is what will break the deadlock in the political negotiations. The coalition is evasive, and we have seen that the Yemeni people have not witnessed any implementation of the agreements struck with the enemy over the period of 17 months. Additionally, the coalition seeks to buy time because of its own objectives. They intend to occupy some of the southern provinces, but we are seeking to seize the opportunity and not allow them to make any gains. We can deal with them in a way they understand, but after the Prophet’s birthday.

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