In coalition-controlled areas, 227 killed and injured during August

The Information Center at the Moral Guidance Department in Sana’a, northern Yemen, revealed on Monday a horrifying statistic of crimes and violations that occurred in the past August in the Saudi-Emirati coalition-controlled areas and its factions.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In its report, the center revealed that it documented 204 offenses in various provinces controlled by the coalition and its factions that led to the deaths and injuries of 227 citizens. The crimes ranged from murder to internal disputes, blocking roads, kidnappings, torture leading to death, and rights looting and extortion.

It also highlighted that the statistics included “assassinations and assassination attempts, almost daily armed clashes in cities and residential neighborhoods, as well as armed tribal conflicts fueled by the coalition and its factions.”

The crime and violation rates have been consistently rising month after month, according to the monthly statistics documenting the crimes committed in the coalition-controlled areas. This comes amid the near-complete absence of security and local authorities loyal to the coalition.

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