Al-Mashat threatens again to strike Saudi and Emirati cities

In conjunction with Saudi Arabia’s continued procrastination in responding to Sana’a’s humanitarian demands, especially regarding the salary file, the President of the Supreme Political Council (the highest authority in Sana’a, northern Yemen), Mehdi Al-Mashat, threatened to target the depth of the Saudi-Emirati coalition countries.

Hudaydah – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Mashat referred to the degree of development of the strategic capabilities of Sanaa’s forces during this period of neither peace nor war when he said, “Our missile force is capable of striking any target in any city of the aggression countries from anywhere in Yemen, not from a specific region,” during an extensive meeting in the Hudaydah province.

Earlier, Al-Mashat stressed that Sana’a has taken advantage of this period of “neither peace nor war” to achieve deterrence through its missile force and drones, aiming to achieve our country’s sovereignty. He promised the Yemeni people that they would hear news that pleases their hearts in the coming days. This came in conjunction with his confirmation of the readiness of deterrence weapons.

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