The “Free Men of Marib” impose a blockade on Safer

In response to the recent increase in gas and diesel prices in the Marib province, “northeastern Yemen,” the “Free Men of Marib” faction have sent a circular to owners of oil derivative tankers prohibiting the transportation of oil derivatives both inside and outside the province.

Follow-up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The “Free Men of Marib” faction explained in their circular, that starting today, Wednesday, all transportation of oil derivatives, including gas, petrol, and diesel, will be halted to all destinations except power stations. This is to exert pressure on the oil and gas company to cancel the imposed price increase on diesel and gas in Marib.”

They further added, “Whoever violates this ban will bear the responsibility for themselves and their properties.”

Over the previous few days, the Al-Islah Party-controlled city of Marib had a stifling oil derivatives crisis as fuel stations experienced significant congestion and long queues of cars to fill up with fuel. Similar to the rest of the provinces and areas governed under the control of the pro-coalition government, the oil company has implemented an undisclosed price increase on diesel and gas in the city during the previous two days.

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