We have what makes the coalition regret its policies in Yemen

Hisham Sharaf, the Foreign Minister of Sana’a in north Yemen, stated on Tuesday that Sana’a has what makes the Saudi-Emirati coalition regret the policies it is pursuing, which it described as “dirty aggressive,” and which they support in all ways their continuation.

Sana’a / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Minister Sharaf emphasized that while our hands are extended for peace, they are also gripping the trigger to defend the nation and its resources against anyone who dares to continue assaulting, looting, and besieging this patient and steadfast people.”

He expressed rejection of the state of neither war nor peace that the aggression plans to continue, considering that those who welcome this situation contribute to prolonging the cessation of the aggression and its consequences, which will not last long.

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