British efforts to expand deployment in southern Yemen

In order to reinforce its military deployment in southern Yemen, Britain has initiated the process/moves of passing a draft international resolution.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British mission at the Security Council discussed proposals regarding the deployment of forces near the port of Aden under the pretext of combating suspicious activities, according to diplomatic sources.

The British move comes ahead of a closed session of the Security Council on Yemen.

Britain had begun publishing allegations of the existence of an entity impersonating the UN at the port of Aden and diverting ships to Hudaydah.

The deployment in the port of Aden is part of a larger British strategy that began early with gaining control over the Hudaydah port through its national, who served as the UN envoy to Yemen, under the guise of “UNMHA” forces and continued with the deployment of military units on the Hadramout coast and Al-Mahrah province.

Sources suggest that the British move along Yemen’s coasts is part of the regional and international conflict on international shipping lines, which Yemen overlooks as one of the most important lines in the Gulf region, noting that Britain rejects Washington’s new plan to establish a railway connecting India, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to Europe, which the United Kingdom recently withdrew.

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