The Gaza Health Ministry responds to Biden’s doubts over casualty figures

Gaza / Palestine Now:

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed doubts about the number of martyrs and wounded resulting from Israeli aggression, to which the Gaza Health Ministry responded today, Thursday.

Through its spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qidra, the ministry stated in a press release, “To those who are besieged by the abundance of blood of children and women from our grieving people, they found no way but to doubt the accuracy of the figures.”

It added, “We tell them enough of insolence, and it would have been more appropriate for you to face the truth, prosecute the perpetrators of the Holocaust and massacres, and cease their support.”

So that the world understands that our people are not faceless entities that can be ignored, the ministry called on all institutions to observe how the Health Ministry operates, because behind every announced number is the story of a human being with a name and identity.

It affirmed that it would announce in detail and in front of the entire world the truth about the genocide being committed by the Israeli occupation against our people, in full view and hearing of the world since the seventh of this October.

Referring to the martyrs and injured figures announced by the Gaza Health Ministry, Biden stated that he had “no idea whether Palestinians were telling the truth about the number of deaths.”

Biden added, “But I’m sure innocent people have been killed. That’s the price of war,” according to Sky News Arabia.

Since the Israeli aggression began on October 7, over 7,000 citizens have been martyred and around 17,000 more have been injured, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

A spokesman for the occupation army also said on Thursday morning, “I doubt the death figures issued by the Gaza Health Ministry,” he claimed.

Source: Palestine Now

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