The Palestine Red Crescent says four Gaza hospitals were attacked in 24 hours

The head of the Palestine Red Crescent Society said that four hospitals in the northern part of the Gaza Strip had been hit in the past 24 hours, accusing Israel of deliberately targeting them in an attempt to force Palestinian civilians out of Gaza.

“The health sector in Gaza is under attack,” Marwan Jilani, director general of the Palestine Red Crescent Society, told a meeting of the United Nations Security Council in a remote briefing.

Jilani said the hospitals—Al-Shifa, Al-Awda, Al-Quds, and the Indonesian Hospital—had all come under fire. At Al-Quds in Gaza City, he said one person died and 20 others were injured. In addition to tending patients, the hospitals have become refuges for tens of thousands of Gazans seeking safety.

“I’m calling upon the council members, on behalf of the staff and volunteers, the emergency medical teams, and the doctors and nurses besieged in Gaza’s hospitals, to do all they can to spare further death and suffering,” Jilani said.

Jilani warned that at Al-Quds Hospital, the main generator shut down two days ago because of a lack of fuel. Jilani said 14,000 displaced persons are sheltering there in addition to the 400 sick and wounded patients.

“Right now, there is a very serious risk that we will lose all the patients in the intensive care units and those children in incubators,” the Red Crescent chief said.

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