Abdul Salam: Forming an aggressive coalition against Yemen while Gaza finds nothing but blindness and abandonment

Mohammed Abdul Salam, the spokesman for the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, expressed his regret on Sunday for what he described as the incapability of the Arab-Islamic summit and its failure to take a unified decision to stop the Zionist massacres in support of Gaza or to provide minimal assistance.

Sana’a / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Salam stated in a post on the “X” platform that the Arab-Islamic summit failed to take a stance that supports Gaza, at the minimum, opening the Rafah crossing to humanitarian aid,” reminding that some countries did not hesitate to form a coalition for war against Yemen, referring to the Saudi-Emirati alliance.

He affirmed that the “aggressive” coalition formed against Yemen was a war in the wrong place, adding, “Gaza is asking for the help of its Arab and Muslim people, but it finds many of them only showing blindness and abandonment, or the fabrication of statements of condemnation and denunciation,” considering that “the Arab abandonment has a greater impact on Gaza than the Israeli aggression.”

The spokesman for the Ansar Allah movement pointed out that “it is not in the interest of the Arab and Islamic regimes except for them to stand together as one and raise a unified voice against America to stop the aggression of its protégé, Israel, on Gaza.” He noted that there are many pressure cards in the hands of the Arabs and Muslims, the latest of which is the threat to use force. If they were sincere with each other and took a unified stance, America would yield to their demands and halt Israel’s aggression on Gaza without war, according to his post.

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