Israeli media: Today is the most intense day of Hezbollah strikes

“Today is the most intense since the beginning of the battle in the north,” referring to the escalating strikes from Hezbollah, according to the description of the Israeli media. The same sources stated that Hezbollah disregarded the warnings of the Minister of Security, Yoav Gallant.

Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Hebrew media stated that “Hezbollah’s attacks are a disgrace on the Israeli national level,” confirming that Hezbollah has long since exceeded “the red line that Gallant spoke about.”

It was considered that “what happened in the north is no less dangerous than what happened in the south.” The targeting of Hezbollah on settlements in the north has paralyzed the area, leading to the official evacuation of 24 settlements and the unofficial evacuation of several others.

The occupying troops’ military gathering places near the Malikiyah Barracks (Aitaroun and Blida) on the borders with occupied Palestine were targeted by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, according to the footage they aired. The source claimed that several confirmed injuries among soldiers had been reported. The same resistance used guided missiles to strike an Israeli army bulldozer close to the “Doviev” barracks, resulting in the destruction of the bulldozer and the deaths of its crew.

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