Saudi forces escalate at the borders, the toll is seven civilian injuries within hours

Sa’ada – Al-Masirah Net:

In the border district of Munabbih in Sa’ada Province, two African migrants were hurt today, Sunday, by Saudi enemy fire. This brings the total number of civilian injuries in the last several hours to seven in a new enemy escalation in the border districts.

Two African migrants were injured as a result of the Saudi enemy’s fire in the Al-Raqo area of the Munabbih border district, according to the correspondent of the Al-Masirah network in Sa’ada.

Earlier today, five citizens were injured due to Saudi enemy artillery shelling in the border district of Shada in the same province.

About two weeks ago, four citizens were injured as a result of Saudi enemy artillery shelling that targeted the Al Al-Sheikh area in the Munabbih border district in Sa’ada.

Today’s escalation by the enemy comes in the context of repeated attacks by Saudi forces on citizens, their farms, homes, and properties in the border areas of Sa’ada, causing the deaths of thousands of citizens.

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