Recent updates in the situation in Gaza on the 37th day of Israeli aggression

The intensity of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip has escalated as we enter the 37th day of the Israeli war, causing the toll of martyrs to exceed 11,000, with more than 28,000 injured.

Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

“Israel” continued to besiege several hospitals in Gaza City and the north, resulting in the martyrdom of an unspecified number of citizens.

The bombing that targeted the Sahaba region and western Gaza City resulted in a number of martyrs and injuries; ambulances were unable to reach the site of the bombing.

Two doctors from the Mahdi family were martyred, and there were casualties among the displaced due to an Israeli airstrike targeting the Mahdi Hospital for Maternity in western Gaza.

The occupation aircraft resumed targeting the vicinity of Shifa Hospital in Gaza City with a series of intense airstrikes, causing a complete power outage at the hospital.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al-Qidra, announced the loss of five patients in the Shifa Medical Complex due to the inability of medical teams to treat them due to a power outage.

Residents of the Al-Shati Camp in the Block 12 region appealed to the Red Cross to intervene to transfer martyrs and wounded individuals who have been bleeding since yesterday.

The occupation aircraft bombed the Abu Shab family’s house in the Zanna Al-Awasiya area in Bani Suhaila in the Khan Yunis province, southern Gaza Strip, and a martyr and a number of wounded arrived at Nasser Hospital.

In northern Gaza, the administration of the Indonesian Hospital announced its decision to convert a square next to the hospital into a mass grave for unidentified martyrs.

At night, the hospital received 15 bodies of martyrs who were martyred in a bombing that targeted two houses in Jabalia.

At least one citizen was martyred, and others were injured when occupation aircraft bombed the “Al-Barsh” family’s house in Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip.

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