Palestinians are documenting the crimes of occupation during their displacement from the north to the south of Gaza

Journalists, activists, photographers, and civilians have documented their testimonies about the falsehood of the alleged safe passage claimed by the occupation during their displacement from the northern areas of Gaza to the south. They have narrated, through blog posts, video clips, and photographs, some of what they witnessed and heard during their journey of displacement.

Exclusive Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Bloggers, journalists, and activists published these testimonies through their social media accounts, exposing the falsehood and inhumanity of the occupation’s claims. They describe the displacement as a journey from death to death.

Children who described the extreme terror they experienced while passing through the southern route were among those who documented their testimonies. Along the route, they came across a lot of bodies, blood, and body parts of civilians, including women and children, as well as tanks and occupying soldiers. They also witnessed direct executions carried out by the occupation against some of the displaced individuals.

Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al-Hilu stated in a visual scene he shared on his X platform account that he witnessed three cases of arrest of Palestinian youth while crossing with them through a checkpoint on Salah Al-Din Road in the safe passage, after the occupation soldiers stripped them of their clothes, blindfolded them, tied their hands, and took them to an unknown place.

The displaced individuals, particularly the elderly, children, and injured who traveled long distances on foot under the scorching sun, were dealt with by the occupation soldiers in an inhumane and unethical manner, completely disregarding all international norms and laws. Additionally, the occupation intentionally humiliated and degraded them while directing insults.

Some of these testimonies mentioned that the occupation ordered all the displaced individuals to present their ID cards and phones along the entire route. They also ordered them to raise white flags. The occupation soldiers searched them, including journalists working for international media organizations, and even arrested some of them.

The occupation soldiers gave strict orders to the displaced individuals passing through the safe passage to proceed without making any noise, without looking down, or stopping for any reason, and they executed by firing squad anyone who violated these orders.

A young girl recounted witnessing the individual execution of two members of her family without any apparent reason other than looking back to check on the rest of the family while the occupation forces were firing bullets and artillery shells.

Testimonies from a number of Palestinian families were released by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor. “My family and I, consisting of seven members, were forced to walk about seven kilometers to displace to the south of the Strip,” Iyad Zakaria stated. We were required by the army to carry white flags and raise our arms during the march. I saw dozens of bodies cut into pieces, some of them charred—mostly those of women and children—lying on the ground and inside of civilian cars.”

Saadah Awad spoke about the displacement journey and its pain, saying, “I was displaced with my family, consisting of 11 members, after the Israeli soldiers forced us to leave behind some of our personal belongings and walk long distances while waving our arms. Continuous shelling was echoing above our heads, and I saw a family of five members being injured by an artillery shell without knowing their fate.”

Sarah Al-Sakka said, “We were forcibly forced to walk under the sun alongside tanks and bodies without carrying anything except our ID cards. The soldiers ordered us to stop for about an hour and threatened us with killing and arrest before we continued our journey without even allowing us to turn around and look around.”

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