Hezbollah escalates its missile attacks on the Zionist entity

In support of the Palestinian resistance factions facing the Zionist enemy entity, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon launched on Wednesday evening a new missile barrage towards Israeli sites.

Lebanon – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Al-Mayadeen channel reported that Hezbollah launched a missile barrage from Lebanon towards Israeli sites near the town of Ayta Ash-Shaab in the central sector. The Islamic resistance confirmed that they targeted “the Baghdadi, Al-Aassi, Al-Manara, Al-Marj, and Tal al-Tiha” sites and achieved direct hits.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon also announced on Wednesday afternoon the targeting of an Israeli enemy soldiers’ gathering at the Malikiyah site and another Israeli force stationed in “Harj Hanita,” in addition to the Israeli monk’s site, confirming successful hits.

Also launched a missile barrage towards Israeli sites opposite the eastern and central sectors in southern Lebanon, according to media sources reported.

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