Abdul Salam: G7 Violates International Law, our operation in the Red Sea is restricted to “Israeli” ships only

In response to the G7’s claim that Sana’a poses a threat to the security of maritime navigation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, commented on Wednesday, affirming that Yemen is keen on maritime security and the safety of passages and that the recent operation is limited to “Israeli” ships only.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Salam stated that “the naval forces have previously warned that Israeli ships or those operating with the enemy are the targets due to the brutal aggression and unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip,” noting that the Yemeni naval forces are committed to protecting Yemeni waters in accordance with its sovereign authority.

He further indicated that “granting the G7 industrial nations the legitimacy to defend the Zionist entity is a violation of international law, given that it is an illegal occupation of Palestine.” He added that “the criminal actions of the entity threaten regional and international security, and countering its aggressive activities is crucial for the security and peace of the region and the world.”

The spokesman for the Ansar Allah movement affirmed that “the true legitimacy lies with the Palestinian people in their resistance and confrontation against the aggression and blockade imposed by the Israeli entity, backed by the US and the West.” He noted that “the crew of the detained Israeli ship (GALAXY LEADER) were dealt with according to Islamic ethics and humanitarian customs, and they were allowed to communicate with their families.”

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