Yemen succeeds in destroying the Israeli economy in support of Gaza

A report published by the Hebrew website “Israel Defense” stated that the Sana’a forces’ use of ballistic and winged missiles and threats to target the occupied cities and settlements, along with their seizure and confiscation of the occupation entity’s ships, had a negative impact on the Israeli economy. Israeli shipping companies are still in danger as a result of this persistent threat.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Israeli shipping company, ZIM, announced changes to its maritime routes due to the deteriorating maritime security situation in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

ZIM Shipping Services Company confirmed that they have decided to alter their vessel routes and assess potential risks to ensure the continuity of its operations despite the economic damages caused by the war.

According to a report by Dubi Ben Gadalihu in the Globes magazine, this change in route by the company would add up to 18 days to the available transportation time, causing further trouble for the Israeli economy.

Officials in the automotive industry, who regularly use ZIM’s car transportation services from China, Japan, and Korea, informed Globes that this significant delay would double the normal delivery time to Israel.

Ben Gadalihu adds that news agencies reported that the company NYK, which operated its vessel owned by Israel and was hijacked to Yemen a week ago, has already redirected vehicle transport ships, which were supposed to pass off the coast of Yemen on board ‘the way to Europe.”

In another post on the port2port website, it is mentioned that the Danish shipping company, Maersk, has changed the routes of two chartered vessels—Lisa and Maersk Bhagwan—which will be redirected after unloading their cargo in the ports of the UAE. This decision is expected to cause shipping delays of more than a week for cargo owners.

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