Danish withdrawal after the Red Sea defeat

After its humiliating defeat, Denmark withdrew today from the battle to protect Israel in the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Danish company Maersk officially announced the suspension of its operations in the Red Sea.

The Danish company attributed the reasons to attacks by what it described as the “Al-Houthis.”

The company’s decision to suspend its operations in the Red Sea came after escalating attacks that targeted its ships in the past few hours in the Red Sea, one of which aimed to seize the ship and another involving missile targeting.

The resumption of attacks on the Danish company’s ships coincides with the company’s attempt to break the blockade on Israel, relying on American protection it tried to show off.

The company announced a few days ago the resumption of its operations in the Red Sea after a temporary halt due to previous attacks.

The attacks on the Danish company may also be related to its country’s announcement of sending a battleship to the Red Sea to support US operations, despite the boycott of the rest of the Western countries.

The company’s recent decision confirms the failure of US efforts to persuade global companies associated with Israel to resume their operations in the Red Sea, as they are unable to secure their passage.

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