Sana’a foils an Israeli camouflage attempt to cross the Bab Al-Mandeb

Events that occurred recently in the Red Sea on Sunday revealed Yemen’s ability to expose companies associated with Israel during its camouflage attempt to cross Bab Al-Mandeb.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

One of these companies highlighted is the Danish company Maersk, whose ships came under attack in the Red Sea in the past few hours while flying the flag of Singapore and identifying themselves as unrelated to Israel. However, circulated documents revealed that they were heading to the Israeli port of Haifa.

Before Yemeni forces attempted to gain control over the ship, according to American allegations, the British Maritime Trade Organization said in a statement that the ship was targeted with ballistic missiles and had hit its bow.

Despite showcasing its reliance on American protection, which its country announced would be reinforced with a battleship, the Danish company’s step to camouflage took place.

According to experts, the Yemeni Navy’s disclosure of the camouflage process reflects intelligence capabilities as well as the lack of trust by foreign companies in America’s ability to secure the passage of their ships in the Red Sea.

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