Ending the American aggression on Yemen

In conjunction with the US Department of Defense revealing that its targets bank had ended in a miserable failure, the US has initiated discussions and mediation with Yemen to avoid the consequences of the recent aggression.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

President Joe Biden has delivered a special message to Iran regarding what he described as “the Houthis” in Yemen. Biden did not specify the nature of the message, but experts believe it carries a request for mediation between Sana’a and Washington to contain the repercussions of the recent escalation in the Red Sea.

Biden’s statement came on the eve of the US Defense Department’s disclosure of difficulties in pinpointing the locations of the “Al-Houthis,” acknowledging an unprecedented failure.

The US announced launching an attack with approximately 100 cruise missiles on the provinces of Sana’a, Hudaydah, Hajjah, Taiz, and Sa’ada.

The New York Times quoted Pentagon officials as saying that despite America’s success in targeting sites, the “Al-Houthis” still possess sufficient capabilities to launch missile and drone strikes, noting that the recent attacks did not cause any harm to Yemeni forces.

The official attempted to justify America’s failure by citing Sana’a’s experience in countering any aerial bombardment during the past years of the war.

Washington’s diplomatic action following a military escalation indicates its decision to contain any expected reaction from Yemen to the recent aggression and reflects an early American failure to achieve any notable military achievement.

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