Britain admits “Al-Houthis’” torpedoing of its naval empires and pushes its last cards

On Sunday, Britain confirmed the Yemeni Houthi’s overthrow of its naval empires after centuries of dominance over maritime lanes around the world.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Navy announced its decision to send its last and most important defense system to the battle in the Red Sea. The British Navy published a video showcasing its “Dragon Fire” laser defense system, claiming its intention to use it to confront air attacks by ballistic missiles and drones in the Red Sea.

The new system is the most advanced and has been developed by Britain at a cost of billions of dollars. However, the most important aspect is that the US Navy had previously announced its use in naval operations in Yemen during the past years of war and later abandoned it for reasons that are not known, despite confirming that its usage costs only 10 pounds compared to the cost of air defense missiles, which can reach up to around 5 million dollars.

The timing of Britain’s announcement to send the new defense system indicates the failure of the British naval system in the battle of the Red Sea over the past few months, as the British Navy, in its various formations, participated in American attempts to lift the Yemeni blockade on Israel.

It also indicates the introduction of new weapons by Sana’a in the confrontation with American and British battleships, which the latter failed to confront.

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