US-UK aggression targets the capital Sana’a and other provinces

The US-UK aggression aircraft supporting Israel launched a series of airstrikes on several Yemeni provinces, including the capital, Sana’a, Taiz, Al-Bayda, and Hajjah.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The airstrikes targeted several areas in Sana’a, including the vicinity of Sana’a International Airport, Al-Haffa, and Khushm Al-Bakrah military camps, according to sources.

The aggression aircraft also launched airstrikes on the Al-Jand area in Taiz province, as well as areas in Al-Bayda and Hajjah provinces.

In order to support the Israeli enemy entity against Yemen, the US declared Operation “Poseidon Archer”.

Media outlets quoted a US official as saying that US, British, and other allied forces launched strikes on sites in #Yemen.

Sana’a pledged a decisive response to the US-UK aggression and has carried out a number of operations in the past few days as an initial response, targeting American ships, most recently the Ocean Jazz ship a few hours ago.

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