America reveals the secret behind its decision to withdraw from the Middle East

The US confirmed on Thursday its decision to withdraw from the Middle East, coinciding with reports indicating arrangements to end the American presence in Syria and Iraq.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Department of Defense of the US revealed that it is facing bankruptcy, citing its inability to operate current operations in the Middle East, with costs reaching around 1.6 billion dollars since last October.

In a report submitted to the legislative committees in Congress, the department stated that these amounts, which could exceed 2.2 billion dollars over the course of a full year, do not include the value of missiles and ammunition but rather the operations of aircraft, aircraft carriers, and warships.

It also confirmed the impossibility of continuing to operate these operations without Congress approving the budget.

By withdrawing one of its fleets from the Mediterranean, the US Department of Defense has reduced its military presence in recent months.

These actions confirm that Washington, which has started talking about withdrawing from Syria and Iraq, is facing a new dilemma that may force it to completely leave the region, especially in light of the reluctance of regional countries to engage in its alliances in the Red Sea and the escalating tensions there, which complicates its missions.

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