The Ministry of Fisheries condemns the crime of targeting eight Yemeni fishermen in the Red Sea

The Ministry of Fisheries has condemned the aggressive crime committed by international forces in the Red Sea against a number of Yemeni fishermen.

Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

After being subjected to deliberate gunfire while practicing the profession of fishing in the territorial waters, eight fishermen from Al-Khokha district were martyred. In a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the ministry expressed its strong denunciation of this crime.

About a month after their mysterious disappearance, the bodies of the eight fishermen, namely: “Qasim Hamadi, Ibrahim Mahnash, Zakaria Mansoub, Hamza Abdulhafiz, Majid Bihider, Ibrahim Salem, Ahmad Shaif, and Anwar Hattab,” were found on the Dhu Al-Harab Islands, which are under the control of mercenaries and overlook the waterway in the Arabian Sea, according to information received by the Ministry.

It denounced the continuation of hostile practices by mercenaries and the American alliance to protect Israeli ships, the use of force, and threats against fishermen, considering the heinous crime to which the fishermen were subjected—a blatant and serious violation of international humanitarian law and human rights.

The statement emphasized that these hostile practices in Yemen’s territorial waters have catastrophic effects and repercussions for fishermen and should not be ignored or overlooked.

The statement called on the international community and human rights organizations to take action to prevent the recurrence of such crimes, protect Yemeni fishermen, ensure accountability for those involved in committing this crime, and achieve justice for the fishermen who lost their lives.

The Ministry of Fisheries called for immediate measures to protect Yemeni fishermen and ensure their safety while practicing their profession in Yemeni waters.

SABA Agency

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