Yemen attacks reinforce America’s pressure on Israel to strike a deal with the resistance

The US has escalated its pressure on its main ally in the Middle East, Israel.

This comes in conjunction with the increasing frequency of operations against American forces and battleships in the region, amid concerns of regional escalation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

American media outlets quoted officials in the White House talking about the Biden administration’s pressure on the occupation government to proceed with a deal with the Palestinian resistance, which includes a comprehensive ceasefire.

The spokesman for U.S. National Security, John Kirby, confirmed in a press conference that the US sees a framework for reaching a good agreement regarding the release of prisoners.

Sources indicated that among Biden’s options is the use of weapons as a pressure card against the occupation.

The American talk of applying pressure to the Israeli government over the prisoner deal coincides with regional and international movements headed by the director of U.S. intelligence, who chaired a meeting with the heads of intelligence in Egypt, Qatar, and France, along with Mossad in Paris, to reach a new framework recently given to the Palestinian resistance.

The American movement on the Gaza agreement front comes after a serious escalation against its interests in the region, the latest being the fall of about 40 dead and wounded among its forces stationed in Jordan, which were targeted by a drone, in addition to Yemen’s announcement of targeting a warship in the Gulf of Aden while it was providing logistical support to the American forces.

America fears that the recent operations are part of a trend to expand operations against its interests in the region, which, according to experts, pushes it to stop the Gaza war, which the Biden administration, according to American media, sees as the cause of tensions in the region and portends a regional war.

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