American Emergency in Eastern Yemen, Houthis Penetration or Attempt to Keep Saudi Arabia under Control

The eastern coasts of Yemen witnessed on Saturday, emergency movements in the international forces deployed at one of the most important shipping lanes around the world.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

However, the movement coincided with escalating developments indicating several possibilities. What are the dimensions of this movement, which is led by Britain and United States, with Western participation?

US Naval Forces Command revealed in a statement that it had launched what it described as a “new round of small boats” from the coasts of Al-Mahrah province, located on the eastern coast of Yemen.

The Navy was commenting on the arrival of a military delegation led by the commander of US Fifth Fleet, which is in charge of securing the Gulf, Brad Cooper, and accompanied by US Ambassador, Stephen Fagin, earlier Friday, to the airport of the province overlooking the Arabian Sea, which is taken by joint forces, including American, British and Israeli, as an advanced base in the strategic region.

The statement indicated that Cooper and Fagin, who met with the leadership of the Saudi coalition forces in Al-Mahrah, discussed cooperation and coordination to enhance the capabilities of the partners at the fleet headquarters in Bahrain.

United States had preempted the visit by marketing its alleged successes in preventing what it described as arms smuggling into Yemen, and using the dangers scarecrow surrounding this region, which Saudi Arabia seeks to use as an alternative sea route to the Strait of Hormuz.

The American media circulated news about the pursuit of two liquefied gas and oil ships by small boats carrying armed men, in a hint to Sana’a forces that are carrying out operations to prevent the smuggling of Yemeni oil and gas from the export ports in eastern Yemen.

talking about the interception of oil and gas ships off the Yemeni coast, which are used as smuggling ports alternative to those official ones that Sana’a took out of service by threatening to bomb them. It comes a day after other allegations adopted by America of seizing a boat that was carrying ballistic missiles, and another anti-tank, before Britain and Spain joined it, talking about participating in the seizure operations.

Although no one has announced the operation against the oil and gas ships promoted by the Americans

not to mention Tehran’s denial of allegations that it sent weapons to “Houthis,” and its foreign ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, described the British-American allegations regarding the seizure of weapons as camouflage. All American moves, whether in the media or on the ground, remain within the framework of attempts to bring Saudi Arabia back into its embrace, in light of Saudi Arabia’s distance from the Russian gate in search of a way out from the Yemen quagmire.

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