New Saudi Strategy in Yemen for the Post-Muscat Agreement Period

Saudi Arabia approved on Thursday, the start of implementing a new media strategy in Yemen, which ostensibly bears indications of a new peace agreement.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Saudi activists and experts, who until recently were attacking Anssarallah government “Houthis”, changed their tone with calls for reconciliation with the government and showing its grievances.

The Saudi journalist Ali Al-Areshi devoted a large space on his official page on social networking sites to talk about the “injustice of Sa’dah.” Which is the stronghold of the movement leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and has been, since the start of the first war, a target for the Saudi proxy-war, not to mention the media blackout practiced against it.

Al-Areshi was commenting on STC’s attempt to cling to the “southern issue” and criticizing the negotiations with Sana’a.

He also called for giving priority to the supreme interest of Yemen as a prelude to a comprehensive political solution that satisfies everyone and equals them.

Al-Areshi is one of several activists close to the Saudi intelligence who spread its tendencies on social media seeking to call for a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue, most notably the expert Mubarak Al-Ati, who called on the Yemeni forces to search for internal solutions instead of relying on regional negotiations.

The new strategy, which is an extension to Saudi directives not to attack “Houthis”, not to mention the reports that also spoke on Riyadh giving a green light to Yemeni forces to open channels of dialogue with Sana’a, an indication that Riyadh has begun to prepare the atmosphere for the post-Muscat Agreement phase, especially as it coincides with news of Reducing the differences gap between the two parties.

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