American Readiness for the Battle of Yemen

The eastern coasts of Yemen are witnessing movements of US forces, in an unprecedented manner, since the start of direct US intervention in the war on Yemen, sometimes in the name of “fighting terrorism” and at other times with the support of the Saudi-UAE coalition.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

However, the timing of the new move indicates that the United States is anticipating a strike of some kind. Is the battle to liberate Yemen approaching?

Only a day after the leader of “Anssarallah” movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, made explicit threats to US forces and demanded them to quickly leave the country and end the occupation, according to media reports, the US forces summoned new defense systems, the most important of which are the special ones, which Washington did not enter into service or support its allies against drones.

This step indicates that US forces, which Saudi Arabia confirms the deployment of two bases, one in the city of Al-Shihr on the coast of Hadhramaut, and the other in Mukalla, are on alert. It did not bring these systems to protect the vast oil fields, nor even its ports, despite the justification for its existence.

The matter is not limited to the deployment of defensive systems, but rather it has reached the extent of redistributing the units present in Hadhramaut and distributing them to remote islands, the most prominent of which is Abd al-Kuri, from which the people were recently evacuated. All of these moves indicate that Washington has become more convinced of the approaching battle to liberate Yemen, which is led by Al-Houthi. His recent statements, says Mahdi Al-Mashat, head of the Political Council in Sana’a, must be taken seriously.

Not to mention the experiences that America experienced throughout the war on Yemen, the Anssarallah leader statement was accompanied by his actions, in addition to the popular outcry in the streets of Sana’a on the anniversary of the former president martyrdom and the most prominent leader of the movement, Saleh al-Sammad, and his chanting of slogans against the American presence in a painting that depicted a state of general mobilization and readiness to implement the leader’s orders.

There is no third choice for the Americans, or to proceed with peace measures, which Al-Houthi outlined in his recent speech. It included messages not to give up any inch of Yemeni territory, or facing the consequences, the indicators of which seem to be rapidly approaching with every American attempt to obstruct progress in the course of negotiations led by the Omani authority and its attempts to find justifications for its military and economic influence in the oil crescent of Yemen.

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