Shape of the Battle in the Coming Days

Carrying on his shoulder the cause of a nation, People attended a martyrdom commemoration.

The president warning, and chanting for the enemy to leave from every occupied province, from every occupied island, let the enemy leave. Most of the north has been liberated, and the rest of the country in the south its destiny is liberation.

The conflict is great, with the enemy’s intransigence, alerting to the escalation return, leading to a war from which the enemy flees to it.

No waiver on land, no waiver on rights, no waiver on entitlements, no waiver on salaries, and the enemy will respond voluntarily or will be forced with ballistic missiles.

Today we hold marches, and tomorrow they will face drones, by the grace of God, our people rallied with all their might, raising their loyalties to the revolutionary leadership, making it a title for a raid in the coming days.

Our people did not engage in a battle without returning from it victorious. This is what the war years showed in past rounds, and upcoming rounds confirm it.

The demonstrations in Yemen heralds with a great earthquake, the region and the world will witness the repercussions of its occurrence, if it occurred. It is an inevitably reality if the “Saudi enemy” and its American successor persist and continue to escape and hide around claiming a mediating role.

Can the enemy be a mediator except according to the doctrine of Saudi Arabia, which commits crimes and massacres and imposes an unfair siege on people under the rubble, preventing them from water, air and medicine, and then declares its readiness to provide assistance, and in response to that, the Yemeni people are concerned with accepting salutations and responding better than them and better than them are missiles that destroy the enemy’s land, closing his ports and airports, as well as to be better assistant than him.

(By: Salem Salem – from the blogger’s Facebook wall)

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