American confirmation of Saudi Arabia’s participation in joint exercises with Israel

The US confirmed on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia is participating in joint exercises with the Israeli occupation.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command published a photo of members of the Saudi Special Forces while they were participating in joint training led by the US in Jordan.

Around 33 countries, including the Israeli occupation, are participating in the exercises.

The maneuvers, which were launched a few days ago under the slogan “Eager Lion,” simulate confronting air attacks, including drones.

These exercises are part of a series of joint training exercises conducted by America with its allies in the region, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has been conducting joint exercises with US forces for the past two days under the slogan “Overwhelming Anger.”

The exercises simulate naval and aerial attacks.

Although the US is making every effort to form a defense alliance in the region, given its declining influence and the defeats of its strategic ally, the timing of these movements reflects concerns about the possibility of launching major operations of resistance in the region, particularly in light of the Israeli aggression on Rafah, which was identified by countries such as Yemen and Lebanon as a red line and threatened to take escalatory steps in response.

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