The third American battleship is out of service

In a short amount of time, Yemen has successfully destroyed three American battleships as well as numerous Western and British battleships with their declaration of the American battleship “Mason’s” strike. What are these developments’ dimensions?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Yemeni forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the Yemeni forces successfully carried out a missile attack against the American destroyer “Mason,” which is one of a fleet that includes a number of battleships and warships, including reconnaissance ships, missile destroyers, and logistical support, in addition to the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower.”

It may take some time for the US Central Command to acknowledge the damage to its battleship, even though it announces on an almost daily basis that its battleships and warships were subjected to attacks in the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden, while avoiding discussing whether there were any material or human losses. However, the fact that the American battleship was actually hit in the attack prompted America to respond with intensive airstrikes on Hudaydah at dawn, targeting the city’s airport with about four airstrikes.

“Mason” is not the first American battleship to be hit. The US forces previously withdrew two battleships, including the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower,” which is still undergoing maintenance, and the USS “Carney.”

Although the American battleships are not the only ones that were withdrawn from the Red Sea or were subjected to precise attacks, Western countries participating in the coalition to protect Israel have also announced the withdrawal of their battleships, whether for reasons related to their hit or other reasons under the pretext of technical malfunctions. The most prominent among them is Britain, which withdrew about five battleships and frigates within a short period before reducing its involvement in operations against Yemen. France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany have also taken similar steps. However, the increased frequency of targeting American battleships during this period reveals a new strategy adopted by Yemeni forces and the introduction of new weapons capable of penetrating American defenses, especially since the Sana’a forces began to claim responsibility for hitting the American battleships.

Over the course of eight months, Yemen has carried out hundreds of naval operations, targeting cargo ships, battleships, and frigates. During this period, it effectively imposed a blockade on navigation to Israeli ports, resulting in a decline in the movement of ships heading to Israeli ports. Today, it focuses its attacks on the remaining battleships, especially as it prepares to implement new stages of escalation against the Israeli occupation and its allies.

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