Egypt downplays the impact of Yemen operations on the Suez Canal

Egypt, on Sunday, downplayed the effects of Yemeni operations in the Red Sea on the Suez Canal.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Egypt’s Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, stated that the impact of Red Sea attacks on the Suez Canal can be absorbed, indicating that they don’t affect the Egyptian economy.

Maait made these remarks during a meeting of governments in Dubai.

Since the start of Yemeni operations last November, Egypt has emphasized the stability of the Suez Canal and navigation in it.

These statements come as Western parties continue their attempts to incite Egypt to join an alliance to protect Israel in the Red Sea.

According to experts, it is also seen as a positive signal regarding Sana’a’s position on the Yemeni operations in solidarity with Gaza.

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