Clashes between allies in the Red Sea

The Red Sea witnessed confrontations between Western allies and the US on Thursday, for the first time since the militarization of the sea in January.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Navigational sources reported that a German battleship launched missiles towards an American surveillance drone of the type “MQ-9” as it was flying near it in the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, noting that an American battleship responded by launching several air defense missiles and succeeded in destroying the German missiles.

The German newspaper “Der Spiegel” confirmed in its report that the “HMS” battleship launched two missiles towards the American drone, attempting to downplay the incident by claiming that the missiles were destroyed due to a technical malfunction.

The newspaper affirmed that there was no coordination between the American forces and the Western battleships in the Red Sea, indicating that the German forces received no information regarding the flight of the American aircraft.

This is the first such development since the US and Britain escalated their presence in the Red Sea in January, and its timing indicates that the incident was deliberate, especially given the pressure from America on the European Union to join a coalition led by it to protect Israel in the Red Sea, known as the “Guardian of Prosperity,” which is what is rejected by the Western countries that announced the formation of a new alliance called “Speeds,” casting doubt on American intentions.

The American flyover above the German battleship comes after the convergence between the European Union and China, as well as the Union’s messages to Yemen regarding its non-engagement in the US-British war on Yemen.

These developments reflect the growing geopolitical conflict between the US and Britain on one side and the European Union on the other, which may complicate the situation in the Red Sea, which is the most important shipping lane for European countries.

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