Fire engulfs the Israeli ship following targeting in the Arabian Sea

The British maritime security company “Ambrey” and the Vanguard Group, which specializes in commercial shipping and the maritime field, revealed that a fire broke out on the Israeli cargo ship “MSC Sky II” after it was targeted by missile strikes launched from Yemen.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to specialized maritime navigation websites, citing the crew of the “MSC Sky II,” the attack involved two missiles. The first one landed in the water near the ship, while the second one struck the ship’s cabin, resulting in a fire on the ship amidst attempts to control it.

Earlier, Brigadier General Saree, spokesman for the Sana’a forces, announced that Sana’a forces targeted the “MSC SKY II” Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea with suitable naval missiles, resulting in accurate and direct hits.

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