Ansar Allah Leader: There are astonishing changes in our military capabilities, and we will carry out qualitative operations that surprise the enemy

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, revealed on Thursday the number of support operations for Gaza, reaching “96 operations with 403 ballistic and winged missiles and drones targeting 61 ships.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi affirmed in his weekly speech, which focuses on the latest developments regarding the situation in Gaza, that “the distance of ships, their movement, and their camouflage through the deactivation of identification devices and other matters have been surpassed,” in reference to the extent of the development of their military capability.

The leader of the Ansar Allah movement also pointed out that “there is astonishment among the Americans at the accuracy of the hits and the strength of the destruction, even in yesterday’s strike that hit an American ship,” promising that “what is to come is greater in every sense of the word, and we leave room for action, then we will comment on it.”

He stated, “The only way to stop our operations is to cease the aggression and blockade on Gaza, and escalation will not be beneficial; rather, it will have its effects on the enemies themselves,” emphasizing that Yemen continues “to develop its military capabilities, and there are astonishing leaps that allow the implementation of qualitative and surprising operations for the enemy.”

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