The Yemeni attacks disturb US Fleet Commanders in the Red Sea and medical teams to resuscitate “Eisenhower” crews

American statements regarding the nature of the confrontations in the Red Sea continued on Sunday in a state that is rare in its history and reflecting an unprecedented state of shock among the leaders of the world’s largest armies, as America was promoting.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In the latest statement, Marvin Scott, the commander of the aviation squadron in the US fleet stationed in the Red Sea, revealed a remarkable development in Yemeni missile technology, stating that the missile technologies that he described as advanced have become a source of danger to the American presence in the Red Sea.

Marvin’s remarks, published by the English-speaking Saudi channel Al Arabiya, are an extension of previous statements by senior leaders, most notably the commander of the Fifth Fleet, who described the confrontations in the Red Sea as the greatest challenge since the World War era.

These new statements reflect the magnitude of the shock among the leaders of the US forces stationed in the Red Sea, especially since such consecutive statements have not been made by these leaders, who have participated in major wars around the world and talked about them in a way that reflects the extent of the insomnia they are suffering from.

The impact of the Yemeni attacks in the Red Sea, targeting the battleships since America’s decision to intervene in breaking the Yemeni blockade on Israel, has not been limited to the commanders but has also affected the soldiers. The English-speaking Al Arabiya channel quoted US officials as saying that specialized medical teams with “mental health” expertise have been summoned to treat the military crews aboard the battleships of the “Eisenhower” fleet and boost their morale, indicating the collapse of those forces.

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