A year’s stock in one day.. This is how Sana’a forces depleted US Navy missiles

The American magazine “Foreign Policy” recently published a report highlighting the deterioration of the military capabilities of the US Navy, pointing out that it is facing significant depletion in the face of Sana’a forces with advanced military capabilities, particularly in the field of drones and ballistic missiles.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The American magazine observed the repercussions of Yemeni military operations in the Red Sea, saying that “after twenty years of largely uncontested deployments in the Middle East, the US Navy now faces an adversary that responds with gunfire,” referring to the courage of Yemeni military operations and their ability to undermine American deployments aimed at protecting occupation and Washington’s interests in the region.

The report indicates that the US Navy is facing a war of attrition against Yemeni forces, which have gained increasing expertise in missile defense and drones.

The “Foreign Policy” report also reveals that alongside the accumulation of military experience, Sana’a forces are engaging in detrimental attrition warfare against precision American ammunition, a matter of great concern.

The American magazine states that in a single day of intense confrontation in the Red Sea against Sana’a forces, the US Navy exhausted the total number of precision “Tomahawk” missiles it purchased in 2023.

The report quotes General Michael Corrilla, the head of US Central Command, explaining that this massive depletion of the US Navy’s resources occurs while “Sana’a forces can, in a very quick time, replace all the equipment destroyed by American attacks.”

The report, titled “The U.S. Navy Can’t Build Ships,” published by the magazine, highlights the significant weaknesses of the US Navy in the face of major threats, particularly military competition with China.

In a related context, the French military affairs website “Meta Defense” published a report two weeks ago confirming that Yemeni tactics in attacking American and British ships in the Red Sea have undermined the US Navy’s certainty that its naval fleet could not be confronted.

The French report indicates that until recently, the US Navy boasted of being the best in the world and that nothing could counter the weapons on board American warships, indicating that this confidence was dissipated as “Yemeni tactics undermined that American confidence.”

The report, titled “Missile Consumption Against Drones and Yemeni Anti-Ship Missiles Concerns the US Navy,” explains that the Yemeni forces, by using this technique, can easily render enemy warships at their mercy at any time by launching a large number of drones to exhaust the stock of destroyers of interceptor missiles.

The report confirms that with the use of this tactic by Yemeni forces, enemy warships would not be able to confront any attack, as Sana’a forces can then use a ballistic missile or a more destructive cruise missile than the drones to strike enemy ships.

Furthermore, signs of American and British defeat in the face of Sana’a forces continue to escalate, as the latter managed to shoot down a fourth American plane during the period of military support for Gaza. Additionally, it also continues targeting ships belonging to the enemy entity and other hostile ones, including naval vessels belonging to the US and British navies, without their ability to stop it.

Throughout the previous phase, Sana’a forces have been able to expand the scope of their military operations in support of Gaza, extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cape of Good Hope. This confirms the failure of the American-European coalition aimed at protecting Israeli interests at seas.

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