Sana’a | Central Bank: Escalation in targeting the banking sector with American and British directives

The Central Bank of Yemen in Sana’a stated on Wednesday that the Saudi regime is directing the Central Bank in Aden to target the banking sector in Sana’a based on American and British directives, in response to Yemen’s position regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

A source in the Central Bank considered this escalation to be targeting the Yemeni economy and Yemenis across the entire Yemeni Republic. Its effects extend to the areas controlled by the coalition and its factions. The source affirmed that the Central Bank in Sana’a will take all necessary measures to prevent all of this.

The source added that the Central Bank, as it has faced conspiracies over the past years, continues to take measures that thwart all of these conspiracies, according to the Yemeni News Agency Saba.

This comes amid the efforts of the Saudi-Emirati coalition to target the banking sector in Yemen and use it as a war card, as it started by transferring bank jobs from Sana’a to the city of Aden and printing billions without coverage, leading to the collapse of the Yemeni Riyal and the rise in food prices that exhausted the citizens in light of the confusing crises that burdened citizens amid the chaotic crises that the coalition and its factions are known for in the areas under the control of the coalition.

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