Through its military display on the Western Coast, the Sana’a government sends a message

Follow up / Al-Masa Press:

The “Ally of the Quran” batch, consisting of one thousand fighters of the reserve and central intervention forces affiliated with Sana’a’s forces, recently completed a combat training course. At the end of the course, the graduates carried out a march from Dhamar province to Bajil City in Hudaydah province on Yemen’s western coast.

From Dhamar to Hudaydah, the military batch marched on foot, in a military message intended by Sana’a to be conveyed at the present time in conjunction with US military activity in the Red Sea. These actions earlier provoked Sana’a’s forces after an attempt to breach Yemeni territorial waters, which was met with a strong military response from Sana’a, the details of which remain mysterious.

The Sana’a government issued a warning against the militarization of the Red Sea yesterday, Monday, in conjunction with the military march of the graduating batch from the reserve and central intervention forces. Hussein Al-Azzi, Sana’a’s deputy foreign minister, said that sending more US troops to the Red Sea at this time would not advance regional stability or peace.

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