The return of the UAE-Saudi race on Socotra

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia and the UAE resumed their race to control the strategic island of Socotra in eastern Yemen. This coincides with international and regional arrangements to move onwards for a comprehensive peace process in the country against which they have been waging war and siege for years.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to local sources, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have intensified their activities under the guise of humanitarian work.

Saudi Arabia has constructed new roads connecting its base at Hadibo airport to camps and sites that it plans to establish during the coming period in the islands of the Archipelago, most notably in the port.

The Saudi Reconstruction Center is building roads in remote and uninhabited areas, according to sources, which raises the possibility that these arrangements are specific to the Saudi military agenda. This Saudi activity coincides with raging Emirati activity.

On the nearby Abd Al-Kuri Island, a new supply of machinery and equipment for the construction of a military airfield was unloaded by the Emirati ship “Takreem.”

Local sources verified that the new shipment was flown to the uninhabited Abd Al-Kuri Island, despite attempts by Emirati media outlets to depict it as humanitarian supplies.

Satellite images circulated by media sources showed intensified UAE operations to build an airstrip on the island.
Due to its location in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, Socotra, with its archipelago islands, has great strategic significance.

Despite serving as a center of military influence for the UAE and Saudi Arabia since 2017, the pace of recent activity has increased as a result of the approval of a new economic line that connects India to Europe via Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel, and the Yemeni island is located in the most important areas of its route.

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