Al-Houthi begins the first phase of radical change

Abdul-Malik Badr Al-din Al-Houthi, the Ansar Allah movement’s leader, declared the formation of a competent government that embodies national partnership as the first stage of radical change.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a speech on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, Al-Houthi affirmed that the first phase of radical change includes updating the bloated structure, changing hindering mechanisms and procedures, correcting policies, and working methods to serve the people’s interests and facilitate official and popular integration in order to uplift the country and address economic problems.

This radical change aims to make substantial improvements and structural modifications in the functioning of government institutions and achieve sustainable development and improvements.

It also aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government institutions, promote transparency and accountability, combat corruption, and eliminate administrative bureaucracy.

He pointed out that the first phase also involves working on rectifying the judiciary system, addressing its imbalances, and opening an effective path to resolve pending issues, stressing that the Yemeni people’s faith identity is crucial to the path toward radical change and the reform of state institutions.

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