Yemeni leader: The Zionist lobby targets human dignity to control it.. Islam is the savior

Yemeni leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi called on Muslims to bear their responsibility in rescuing the peoples of the world from the tyranny practiced by the Zionist lobby and its followers led by the US.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad’s birth, Al-Houthi addressed millions of Yemenis as well as the Arab and Islamic communities residing in the country, which has been at war for nine years.

Al-Houthi said: The Prophet sought to achieve the sacred goal of liberating human society, and freedom can only be achieved by following him, believing in his message, and embracing the light of Allah, the “Holy Quran”, as anything else is “darkness”.

He pointed out that Islam accords a distinctive status to humans and that it has restored their dignity after it had been violated during the pre-Islamic era, the time before the advent of Islam, affirming that Islam is the antidote from the “juggernaut” currently led by the Zionist lobby.

In the midst of the supporting crowds, Al-Houthi declared: “The scale of darkness and the devilish obscurantist attack led by the Zionist Jewish lobby and its followers has reached a dangerous level of violating human dignity and corrupting the earth,” adding that the support for homosexuality held by the UN, America, Israel, and European regimes is an attempt to dismantle human society and rob them of their human dignity in order to control them.

“The Holy Quran came with the right concept of responsibility and organizing relationships and dealings with members of human society on the right foundations,” he added.

Al-Houthi urged Muslims to realize the importance of their affiliation with Islam and the legacy of the divine message, which obligates them to play a prominent role in moving forward with the light of Allah, following his Messenger, and battling the forces of evil, tyranny, and arrogance through all legitimate means.

“As much as the tentacles of evil represented by the Jewish lobby, America, Israel, and those who support them in evil and corruption have reached,” he said, “the responsibility requires that our peoples be made aware of their role in conveying the light of Allah to the rest of the peoples.” He continued on to affirm that this is the role that protects Muslims first and enhances their global role in rescuing other peoples and nations.

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