The Euro-Med Monitor: The occupation entity bombed Gaza with the equivalent of “a quarter of a nuclear bomb

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor announced today that the occupation entity dropped ammunition on the Gaza Strip, equivalent to the intensity of a quarter of a nuclear bomb.

Follow up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to the observatory, the ongoing attack by the occupation on Gaza is murdering 14 Palestinians on average every hour, and the airstrikes have resulted in the destruction of more than 17,000 residential buildings and damaged about 87,000 housing units.

No less than 73 schools, 61 media hubs, 18 mosques, and 165 industrial facilities have also been destroyed or damaged as a result of the occupation’s strikes.

Due to the recent blockade of the strip and the cutting off of water, electricity, internet, and fuel supplies, Gaza is suffering extremely difficult humanitarian conditions that threaten the lives of many who have not died from the bombardment.

Occupation soldiers have sent warnings to citizens in northern Gaza, urging them to migrate to southern cities in preparation for a ground invasion and intensive shelling of northern cities, which activists and journalists consider war crimes and forced displacement.

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